SlapperCast Episode 118: Second Homaha

This week on SlapperCast:

  • Our new album Blagmatic is DONE! Now we move on to finalizing the artwork.
  • BLAGGARDS BREW COFFEE will soon be available!
  • We have a new sponsor: SKREWBALL WHISKEY
  • Also announcing WILD ROVING: OMAHA, a five-day getaway to our second home in Omaha, Nebraska coming up this July.
Kelli N.

I expect to see lots of pictures of Blaggards at the zoo.


That sounds like a safe bet!

John and Coleen W.

Skrewball is delicious. Best served cold and straight, no ice. Great whiskey with a cigar. 


Cool! Yeah we're excited about the partnership, honored to be asked.